the missing element?

Jean-Pierre Kiekens takes a close look at the RS Feva

The Feva double-handed dinghy is emerging in Canada as a youth sailing boat. In just a year, a fleet of some 30 boats was built in British Columbia. There is also a number of boats in Ontario. The boat is likely to continue its growth, as it serves an important strategic role for the development of youth sailors, from the very beginner to the advanced racer.

The boat is proven to be particularly attractive to girls and those sailors who do not want to sail single-handed. We present here guidelines for clubs and parents, to help understand how the Feva can best be used for youth sailing development.

While using the same hulls and spars, there are two versions of the Feva. The Feva S caters for those who are new to sailing. It is typically only sailed with a main and a jib. The main is a bit smaller than the Feva XL (5.5 v. 6.5 square meters) and is reefable. The boat can be used by two beginners, or near beginners, from say age 10 or even younger.

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