and here they come down the home stretch

What’s up sports fans? Sorry for the gap in communication but if anyone is following ORR 3 then you know how tight it is.

Let’s bring you up to speed… Damian, our navigator, is sick and has been basically in his bunk for 24 hour… not sure but his stomach is acting up pretty badly. Sucks and we are worried but he is keeping water down and helping navigate when he can. So that means a few of us have been doubling up on shifts and at this point we are going all in to the finish.

We had somewhat of a re start off Santa Margarita and we parked it as the boats behind closed in. Fast Exit, who is sailing a great sailed, sailed up to us. We took a brutal hitch towards shore and set up for the afternoon. We have been fastest boat in our fleet at times and have a great heading compared to the others near us.

The night will be nail biting as we are trying to get to our layline as fast as possible. It will be ugly if we do not finish before 6am. Can we put our time on Fast Exit? Will good Call skunk everyone? Tune in tomorrow…

Bad Pak, OEX, Cal Maritime and Mr. Bill have all dropped out, no doubt because the wind is light. Pussies. – ed