no bad days


K-Mag checks in from onboard the J-125 Timeshaver in the Newport to Cabo race. Track the fleet.

It is almost feeling like Mexico and warmth. Anyone who thinks this is a warm tropical race would be disappointed. Oh Wait.. Cody thought that… Remember kids, no bad weather, only bad gear.

We fought through the night after a somewhat disappointing day. We feel like we missed out on some potential gainers during the day then in the night we sailed too long in a lift and gave away some distance. We were happier as the morning came and we had Bretwalda on our port side and also Lucky Duck just behind. Both boats owe us a considerable amount of time so we are still in it for sure. I always seem to end up near Lucky Duck at some point in these races.

During the night we had to back down twice which did not help. Even with a kelp cutter on both keel and rudder!! Sometimes the sail drive is the culprit and that usually requires a back down.

Good Call have jumped out ahead of ORR 4 and are kind of sailing away. They actually owe Grand Illusion time on ORR so how they are in a class with us and the others is a little beyond me. We hung with them for the first day but the waterline stuff the managed to jump ahead and I am afraid the rich will get richer in this one.

It is truly a battle out here with all the boats being so close. Our navigator, Damian Craig, is working over time and we have faith he will put us in the right places for the second half of this extravaganza. Fast Exit are probably having the best race out of our fleet. Their navigator has been doing a great job trusting the gradient offshore will be there. We are hedging our bests in the opposite direction so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top maybe later this evening.

Stay tuned, I think this will be a good one all the way till the end.