deal killer?

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The boat is a 1981 CS33. Contract price is $13,500. Boat came down from someplace north to Florida in 2016. It had a barrier coat and keel work the same year along with bottom paint. Next year the mast was pulled and Mack Sails replaced turnbuckles and backstay and added a VHF antenna. Also the prop shaft, cutlass bearing and stuffing box were replaced. Don’t know about the prop.

There are notebooks that show at one time a very meticulous owner truly loved this boat. It was impressive thumbing through the notebooks. He hand typed pages and pages of notes, detailing everything including where to find whatever it is you are looking for, how to maintain them and the intervals and on it went. This guy was beautifully anal.

An then… best I can tell someone stripped the boat of practically everything and sold it. (IRMA was in 2017.) A 24 yr old bought it last December and a couple of weeks ago listed it for $14,900. We offered $10K, he countered $13,500 and wouldn’t budge from there. Thing is this boat is really well built and we couldn’t see any structural issues. And that’s after pulling up every floorboard and poking my nose everywhere it would fit. Anyway… Jump in.