very high


From Keith Magnussen onboard the J/125 Timeshaver heading to Cabo San Lucas. Currently first in class, track the fleet here.

So the grib files were wrong… surprise surprise.  We got out of the OC in a beautiful 15kt – 18kt breeze with our 3A jamming and boat speeds in the teens.  We popped out to an early lead with pure boat speed.  The day was beautiful as the sun was out and we could see the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background, truly spectacular. We shifted gears as the wind sat down and ended up in our new 1.5A for the majority of the night.  It was a tough evening as the fleet split up with some staying relatively close into shore.  Looks like the Soto 40 is trying out both sides of this race course as they moved across from furthest left to furthest right!  Bold move.  Bretwalda was doing about 2.5kts at one point last night so we got a nice little jump on her.

We opted for the outside track and so far have been happy with the progress.  Somewhere in the early morning or late night the Fast Exit made some good moves and closed the gap on us.  We can see them right now but are sailing a bit lower and they are getting smaller as we sperate again.  Lucky Duck is also a few miles behind as we can see her signature Red/White/Blue kite.

I think we are in a good spot as we approach what the weather nerd’s are telling me is a massive shut down.  So negative I do not want to hear about.  Its more fun when the instruments shit down and we all sail hahaha.

It is 2:30 PM right now and we are tucking along doing around 8-10kts in sunshine and nice swell.  About 100 dolphins cruised by for some fun and we have seen some whales and turtles… Not a bad day.  We are praying the wind does not shut off and looking for more breeze and more fun.  The crew work is great and everyone is in high spirits.. very high spirits.