mexico, yo

Miami to Orange County is as big of a difference as Viper Racing is to Offshore Racing.  I am sitting in my apartment in Dana Point looking out onto the Pacific Ocean where the ORR 5 Fleet have just started the Newport – Cabo San Lucas Race slightly north of here. I find myself wondering one thing… will this actually be a 5 day plus race?  I keep touting this as my favorite race because it only takes 3-4 days!  The weather gurus could be a little more optimistic for me.

2019 has been a busy year for me and it continues with this NHYC-Cabo Race on board the J-125 “Timeshaver.”  I should really just have that sentence on a clipboard so I do not have to keep typing it.  Viggo Torbensen has put together another competitive and fun crew to mob down the Baja coast and into warmer weather.  I should also reiterate that the J-125 is an awesome boat.  It is a little disappointing to be the only one in Cabo race but hey, not many teams are road warriors like us and just try to do it all.

Our illustrious team for this one includes: Viggo (obviously), Cody Schlub – light air driver and all time bow, Bill Blazer – not even sure what he does but I am sure it involves trimming and stuff, Damian Craig – looks at computers and is basically a negative Nancy about the wind so far (I am going to need some more positivity Damian), Stig Westergaard – All around bad ass sailor (You can Wikipedia him actually) and myself – I just am here to get a tan (it does not look like much of my driving conditions on this one).

Ok fast forward to Friday because that is when I am finishing this…  The boats who started yesterday got south fast!  I am jealous.  They had good breeze all day and are plugging away between 7 and 9 knots.  I hope we get some of the same.

Race day preparation is going on right now.  I am drinking coffee, about to play some FIFA and enjoy a real bathroom one more time.  Wonder what our competitors are doing?  Our fleet is kind of a hodgepodge of boats.  Everyone is probably most interested in how we will match up against the new J-121.  I saw it at the dock yesterday and it looks large and cumbersome compared to the 125.  One thing for sure is that they will be more comfortable!  We owe them a bit of time and have never matched up against one so lets go!  The Andrews 40 is back again.  Fast Exit has lined up against us in a few offshore races so we know what to expect with her.  Soto 40 is kind of a wild card.  Brand new to the area and judging by the looks it is not a light air rocket.  The Tripp 56 “Brigadoon” will be an interesting one to watch.  Dan Gribble is a great guy and has put together a knowledgable crew so I am sure they will be a challenger.  Good Call is back with a new Swan and will be fast (I assume).

Now onto who I think will be the favorite and front runner, Bretwalda.  The Rogers 46 team has been in the game a while and have won some prestigious events out here.  I have some friends on her so I really need to beat them haha.

What am I looking forward to on this one…. hmmmm… I would say I am looking forward to seeing the stars, the Mexico coastline (at times) and sailing with my friends.  Last week Cody and I had a Viper 640 flipped over at Shake A Leg in Miami and this week we are on the same watch on a J-125 heading south to Cabo San Lucas to go surfing… In the words of Mr. Vegas… “I am Blessed.” – Keith Magnussen