gotta have it?

Ever wondered how they generate the drawings of situations in the call and case books?

I did until someone told me about Tactical Sailing Solutions a fantastic piece of software for anyone who wants to increase their rules knowledge, play around and discuss scenarios or even on a more serious note better prepare yourself for a visit to the ‘room’.

Seldom, if ever, have I gone from trying a demo of a piece of software to “gotta have” so quickly.

A trial version is free to download and use for 30 days before committing yourself to the purchased version.

Basically you place the boats in sequence one by one showing a situation as it develops which in itself clarifies and focussed the mind as to how and what happened. Once the scenario is been put on screen, if it doesn’t look exactly as it happened the boats’ position, heading and separation can be adjusted.

Uncertain what rules may apply? Then click on the correct tab and up comes a list of potential rules position by position. A static picture not enough? Click on animation and the action plays before you on the screen then the whole lot can be saved to hard disk for later reference.

You can even add a flag and a speech bubble to the whole thing to remind you that you did validate (or perhaps if the other boat is protesting hailed late)

Try it, it is free for 30 days and can be found at tss.peronneau.net, truly worth a look. Only downside is that it is a PC based program so if you are an Apple person, well don’t blame me