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From those thinky people at Stephens Waring Yacht Design

With the launch of Anna — our new all-custom 65-foot daysiler, behind us, we’ve had a moment to consider not just the value of a new custom boat, but the value that custom boat creates.

Because if you think about it, a custom-boat’s value is subjective and straightforward: How much did she cost to build? How much might a new buyer pay for her? What might it cost for potential owners to have a similar experience with another yacht? No matter how unique a custom boat, her value is basically a few numbers agreed on by consenting adults.

But the value created by that all-custom boat — something like Anna that built by skilled craftspeople in a prosperous place like Maine, using the best possible global components — turns out to be a narrative as complex as custom vessels themselves.

What was the value in payroll and insurance to the workers who crafted that custom boat’s hull, interior and finishes? What impact did the design fees paid to her engineers and architects have to their local economies? How much did the cost of her hardware and systems flow to the workers and owners of those operations? The planks for custom boats doesn’t just come from Maine, these materials are shipped in from places like western North America and Southern Asia. Spars and rigging may be designed in New Zealand, but they are built in factories in Sri Lanka or South Africa.  Read. on.