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The performance-enhancing benefits of Carbo-Link’s solid carbon rigging are becoming more widely known, with a broad variety of highperformance racing yachts – Ultime trimarans, Imoca 60s, AC50s and AC72s, leading contenders in the Maxi 72 and Wallycento classes, plus some of the world’s fastest superyachts – achieving substantial reductions in both weight and wind resistance. But for many owners and skippers one key question remains: what’s it like to live with?

It’s actually a lot easier than most people think. You don’t hear much about service and maintenance of Carbo-Link rigging because it’s inherently durable, very reliable and surprisingly simple to repair. A specially developed, toughened resin system – which is unique to Carbo-Link –accounts for much of the durability. Stepping up to solid carbon means fewer hassles and, after the initial investment, a lower cost of ownership going forward. Read on.