c’mon cali

We don’t know whether to laugh or wholeheartedly agree with this OpEd published in something called Encinitas Underground. Shout out to Anarchist John.

The state budget recently put forward by newly elected Governor Gavin Newson is strangely lacking in acknowledging the divisive and unsupportable gap between rich and poor in the critically important area of yachting. Yes, he proposes money for building affordable housing, but where is the money for affordable yachting? What can justify this shortcoming?

Let’s look at the figures that define the dimensions of this problem. San Diego and Chula Vista combined have a mere 22 marinas between them. And these marinas have room for only 5530 yachts—5500 in San Diego, according to sources at the Port, and 30 in Oceanside. Compare this to the population of San Diego county of 3.3 million people. Even if you assume 5 persons per yacht, this is a mere 27,650 persons with yachting access. And that is a mere eight tenths of one percent of all San Diegans! Read on.