Dear editor,

Growth in sailing is a perpetual club level conversation. My group withing our club have created the beginnings of a regeneration of ONE DESIGN sailing in our club with a old proven method of fleet building.

I would like to speak with you about this growth (still green) but creating excitement about ONE DESIGN and racing.

Our fleet is made of younger members with young families, living in one of the most populous in North America where the economics of sailing is VIABLE for a family entertainment budget. We sail in Lake Ontario, racing, cruising, traveling, exploring, learning and living.

Our ONE DESIGN fleet is a C&C Viking 28 fleet, I purchased my boat 3 years ago and worked with another boat to gain a third. Our fleet is now nine boats, we work together, we purchase together, we ask for and give help. We are a community.


Jake Deal
[email protected]
World Viking 28 Class Association