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The Vaan R4 from Vaan Yachts is made of circular materials including recycled aluminium and cork

A new yacht company in the Netherlands, Vaan Yachts, has introduced its first-ever model. The Vaan R4 is a 12.8m (42ft) catamaran made from ‘circular’ materials, including recycled aluminium, cork and plant-based alternatives for leather.

Innovative choices in its design make the R4 a premium yacht that optimally combines comfort with a spectacular sailing experience. As of today the Vaan R4 is available for pre-order.

“Pleasure cruising has to become more sustainable fast because your pleasure should never be at the cost of others,” says company founder Igor Kluin. “And there is no reason why it should. By looking at materials and the design in a different and innovative way, you can even make a boat circular. It’s just a choice to do so.”

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