on a budget

We know how expensive it is to buy and own a boat. Accordingly, we appreciate this anarchist’s forum question about what to buy for $15k…

I ain’t gettin’ any younger but $15K is about all I can come up with now if I want to finally own that boat I’ve been dreaming about forever.  Plans are to daysail Charlotte Harbor, do occasional overnights to barrier islands and maybe once a year get down to the Keys.

We looked at a Precision 27 and for cruises it would be great, as long as you don’t have to scurry to the bow quickly.  You could barely get out of the cockpit without snaking your body around something.  I really liked the boat but if you ever had to get out of the cockpit…

We also looked at a Catalina 27.  Great for getting about topside, great condition outside but below it was cramped.  My SO had no place to sleep that didn’t require bent legs.

I’m lost as to what other boats to look at next.  Any ideas?