how it went down

Following the loss of Jon Santarelli during the 110th running of the Race to Mackinac in July 2018, the Chicago Yacht Club appointed a Committee with a broad range of experience to review the incident in order to make recommendations regarding the lessons that may be learned from it. The
objective of this inquiry is to reduce the chance of similar accidents by thoroughly reviewing the events and examining the use of safety equipment.

The recommendations following this review have been developed by the Committee based on its assessment of the events and are designed to enhance safety in the sport. The Committee notes there was some variation in the crew’s recollection of events likely due to their varying positions and activities at the time.

The Committee wishes to thank the Chicago Yacht Club for its support in implementing the review and also to thank those who provided the information on which this report is based, including eleven of the Imedi crew who offered both written reports and interviews describing their impressions of what happened. In addition, the Club wishes to thank all members of the Committee for their time, effort, and dedication in undertaking this vital task for the sailing community.

The Committee’s detailed report follows here.