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Things haven’t been quite right in the coastal town of Carnarvon since the main waterway became choked up with silt about two years ago. A sandbar formed across the entrance to the waterway that connects the boating community to the ocean.

Instantly the yacht club marina became landlocked, and a flash $3-million community boat ramp built with Royalties for Regions funding was inaccessible. Carnarvon Yacht Club general manager Jim Williams said the impact on the town, and tourism, had been “terrible”.

“Visiting yachts and people on trailer boats haven’t been able to get to the town, to say nothing of locals who are denied their enjoyment of the ocean because of this,” Mr Williams said.

“It’s really affected the social life of the club because usually we’d have visiting yachties, who would be here and contributing to the life of the club.

“And it has had a dramatic impact on the town because we haven’t got people reprovisioning here, we haven’t got people with the trailer boats coming to spend money in town, to stay in accommodation and that’s had a big impact overall.” Read on.