how much??

UPDATE: Cam Lewis corrected the estimated cost to buy and race this thing to Hawaii:

As you might imagine, we get some interesting e-mails from time to time. This one from Cam Lewis was cool in terms of  Lewis looking for a potential buyer and a program to run for the Transpac. The fact that it is 5 months away isn’t exactly great planning, but okay. And then it gets interesting. See below:

New sails to get best chance of win…optional 200K…main, Solent, gennaker…. ( according to owners rep3 new sails will help yet are not required – yet better chance for a win he says ). Full Insurance @ 200K for full year ( according to owners rep ) This is a big number – yet realistic in today’s market. The rest of the bucks for logistics and crew salaries…per diem and back up bucks for the unknowns.. 400K –

I am looking for one unique individual with a passion for sailing fast boats fast. THE MISSION is winning the 2019 Transpac Race and Breaking the Race Record

I am looking for a project to run and to build a winning team and race onboard the winning and record breaking boat. 2019 is the TRANSPAC’s 50th Anniversary Race. Los Angeles to Honolulu.

Its a summer time race – with the fast boats and multihulls start on July 13th – a Saturday – typically its a 5 day run or thereabouts on a fast boat – yet here is the record to beat

2017 Record Smashed by Mighty Merloe – an Orma 60 – the record now is 4 Days, 6 Hours, 33 Minutes, 30 Seconds & beats the 20 year old record of Bruno Peyron’s and Cam Lewis’ Commodore Explorer by more than a day, previously set at 5 days 9 hours 18 min and 26 secs.

Here is the kicker – Tom Siebel has a turn key and in perfect condition MOD70 Trimaran named ORION in San Francisco FOR SALE – purchase price @ 1.5M Euro, the budget is going to be around 2.5 Million US for the race – pre race training – 2 to 3 new sails to be sure to win – budget includes insurance, crew, logistics, training, coastal races in California in the spring and the prestigious STFYC Big Boat series in the fall.

This will be a blast for the right owner or owners – I have top notch crew available and a shore team too- there are 3 other MODS registered to race and the Course Record and Race Win are very obtainable Trophies and Goals—

Who do you know that might like to learn about this opportunity?

Anyone you know who shares the passion and dream of winning this prestigious race and especially in its 50th running.  The race and course record are up for grabs, let’s go get em.