nuke the gay turtles for jesus

An interesting story (sorry for the bad editing – ed) about a very good deed. These dudes are on a serious adventure and can use some help from the sailing community. Click to help.

The fateful path that lead to the rescue of four sea turtles off Mexico, began in the land of ice and snow: Norway. One of the best-run countries on the planet, Norway is run by 5 million thrifty, practical, nature-loving, adventurous, clean-living Scandinavians descended from Vikings who found North America 50 years before Columbus showd up and started this whole mess.

The Brothers Wiig – Magnus (31) and Sverre (28), are Norwegian to the core, which means they love their country, but also want to see the world by land and sea “Norway is nice. Very nice,” Magnus Wiig said:

Maybe too nice. No more Vikings left. Because of that we need to go out. Explore. That’s the plan since we started six months ago in California – doing this cliche roadtrip with a less cliche truck. We went to Burning Man. Crazy shit! Left the country. Bought the boat north in Mexico. Bam! We’re sailing!

The Brothers Wiig sold their truck in San Diego, got a ride to Tijuana, flew to La Paz, almost got screwed over, took a new flight to San Carlos, and bought their yacht – a Whitby 42 for $38 000. Way over their budget. They sat sail on the 19th of December, after having issues with the engine, and had five days in steep waves and rough wind resulting in wire snapping, rudder failure and three water leaks. One day and 100 nautical miles from their destination Puerto Vallarta – “Heading down there to celebrate Christmas with mom, we found Ninja Turtles. lol”

Even a hundred nautical miles out to sea, there is a lot of trash and nets and floating plastic. Magnus said: “I thought it could be some trash to pick up, and I see those sea turtles tangled up, probably dead. But then I could see them breathe, and I got this instant maternal bond – Nooo! I’ll save you! One of them was gasping to get air, and you could hear him scream: Help me!”

Magnus shrugged the incident off as something any turtle-loving Viking would do:

We were only at the right place to the right time, and I hope other would have done the same. But since it was us, we were very happy to rescue those poor bastards. And luckily I worked as a photographer back in Norway, and know when to push rec.

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