i got a hat

Don’t know how y’all feel about trophies, but I like them, and I like them to be half-way decent. Pickle dish, acrylic triangle, or something more creative. I think they represent a job well done when sailing well enough to get one, and I think they should be something good enough to put on display, in some fashion.

So when trophies were handed out this past Saturday by the host club, the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) decided that hats would be good enough. Of course we had a dismal turnout for the SD event, but either way, SCYA deemed that hats would suffice. A hat? Actually two hats which makes it four short of one for each of our crew.

And not just any hats; the cheapest, lamest hats with bad embroidery. Why not just give out MAGA hats? They would be no worse than these.

Now I get that SCYA likely doesn’t have much money, but jeez, is that the best that they can do? – ed.