sail fu

We tried watching a couple races of the barely talked about Sail GP Series and found it almost unwatchable. How they manage to take these fairly quick cats and make the racing so uninteresting is a mystery Perhaps its much like F1 racing – the cars get separated very quickly, with little wheel to wheel combat, often almost no passing, with the races ending up as snoozers for fans.

This was that. We think they should race these things in 15 knots of breeze at a minimum. How the hell else are fans going to get stoked to see a bit of a racing spectacle? Why is NASCAR so much better than F-1? Because there are 40 cars, running wheel to wheel. F-1 has 21 cars spread out by minutes in some races.

So if you can’t have wheel to wheel, or hull to hull, then you’ve got to turn these things loose in breeze. Otherwise, you are saddled with something that is just not very compelling.  – ed.

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