The Pac 52 class has de-evolved into a rich guy shit fight. The SoCal class which we think counts 9 boats – 4 “new” boats, and an assortment of original TP 52’s. It seems some of the rich guys with the new boats don’t like to lose to the rich guys with the older boats.

Then it turns out that some of the new boats don’t exactly weigh or measure in the way they are supposed to, so at least one of them is sailing with the “old” boats this weekend at the Pac 52 Midwinters in Dago.

So get this; the fleet of 9 boats has split themselves into two classes – 3 “new” boats in one, and 6 in the other. is it possible that they fuck this thing up any more than they already have?

We are glad to see Interlodge putting a beating on the other two new boats.  One in particular. Results.