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Big Pimpin'

UFO Race report “The East Coast UFO Swarm got it’s first regatta in down in Key Largo, Florida over the weekend of the 25th. We shared the venue and course with the Moths and Waszps and happily played around with the group. We got three days of solid racing in and definitely got a huge opportunity to grow as a fleet, with all skill levels gaining and getting tighter to one another respectively.

What continues to stun and encourage me is the degree that stability and safety have facilitated participation. Unlike any boat this fast, the score sheet was remarkably low on alphabet scores. Starting racing, foiling, learning and finishing was a constant. I cannot wait for the next event. I’ve never done anything like this and the prospect of doing it again just makes me happy all day. Obviously, I’m biased because I won the event after an obscenely tight dogfight with Nick Burroughs which left me up by one point after 12 races, but that bias is only a tiny part of the picture.

The strict one-design nature of the UFO is making the competition so tight and the results so meaningfully about you and only you that I’m proud to get badly beaten when out-sailed. You simply can’t write off results to anything other than technique, tactics and athletics. It’s foiling as a sport and it’s getting all my competitive energy churning. Also unlike any other class I’ve ever been in, we were absurdly low maintenance, apparently much to the excitement of the race committee. UFOs had a perfect record for looking after themselves and going out and back without any outside help. Just go sailing. Forget everything else. Also wear sunscreen. My nose is falling off.”

Dave Clark
Fulcrum Speedworks llc