more laser….

Call it Night of the Living Laser. The boat’s been killed and come back from supposed death so many times it puts The Walking Dead and mummies to shame. It was due for another cycle, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s right on schedule. Nobody’s exactly saying death to the Laser, but it’s implied.

The villains previously were dubious management and financial downturns. This time it’s the evil RS Aero, Melges 14 and D-Zero supposedly driving a tiller extension through its heart. Surely it can’t withstand the onslaught of newer, faster and dare we say better boats. Especially if and when one of those others is chosen for the 2024 Olympics. We’ll see the Laser crushed and dumped on the heap of dated and discarded singlehanders like the Opti, Sunfish, OK Dinghy and Finn.

Wait. Those classes aren’t dead. In fact, far from it. Read on thanks to sailish