Vilamoura,  in the south of Portugal more and more know, by the “Olympic Sailing Mecca” as most of the Olympic teams are trainning there aiming Tokyo 2020, receive the 3rd Act of the Algarve Dragon Winter Cup, another Great event organized by Vilamoura Sailing.

Among some of the best sailors of the class (George Leonchuk , Lars Hendriksen and Pedro Andrade) we had  a special participation of  Greig City Academy,  an inner city London secondary school who run a sailing project called Scaramouche.

After 3 days and 9 races of sailing with winds between 8 to 14kts,  Pedro Andrade and  team got the event after battling neck and neck against Ivan Badbury from GBR  and Swedish team of  Karl-Gustaf Lohr got 3rd.

8D Sailing  provided again a VIP service where the   Dragon Sailors had the opportunity  of having a new Petticrows V6 fully equipped and tuned ready to race, which allows the sailors to arrive at any venue having a boat launched in perfect racing conditions ready to go out.

Next and penultimate Act of the series is 7th to 9th of February with already 14 entries from 7 countries,  among the favorites  are Lawrie Smith , Dimitri Samokin , Pedro Andrade.