pool before you

A nice piece of imagination  and thinking outside the box from Glenmore Sailing Club in Alberta especially as the outside temperature is more conducive to Ice Yachting right now with temperatures of around -7C right now. Just shows what can be done by even a small club to promote or continue interest in our sport out of season with a bit of effort. Excellent initiative.

It reminds me of when, back in the day the Paris Salon Boat Show used to have Indoor Yachting at Versey although on a much bigger pool and budget. It was even televised on Eurosport much to the delight of those sailing fans starved of coverage of our sport back then – way before the advent of Youtube of course.

If you can find it on line it may bring a smile to your face given the youthful look of Sir Russel Coutts and Peter Gilmour with even rules guru Dave Dellenbaugh in the mix. See, he doesn’t just write about the rules .

Some pretty aggressive match racing to boot. Apologies about the quality of the screen grab, this was way before HDTV. – SS.