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Evolution Sails has revolutionized how sails are made with our modern approach to sailmaking. Our methodology combines the best technology in design and construction with a highly customizable and personalized sail. They are then constructed by a build team comprised of highly skilled craftsman and sailors. The best kept secret weapon in sailmaking will bring you the next level of sailing.

 Over the past decade, Evolution Sails has refined and redefined how sails are made. Through innovative construction techniques, new sails are faster and tougher than ever before. With the highly customizable Element (racing / cruising ), Expedition (cruising) and E–Tech (racing) flagship lines, there is a sail for every boat and boating condition. These three product lines are comprised of over 200 different combinations of fibers and skins to create the perfect sail that’s right for you.

Other lofts build sails with the emphasis on production speed and lower costs for maximum profit. In contrast, Evolution employs sailors who understand the specific demands on each sail. Every Evolution sail gets the personal touch by our top team to ensure every detail is up to the highest standard and fits your exact purpose. We don’t take shortcuts.  The loft is based in Auckland, New Zealand, home of the America’s Cup.

 To celebrate Evolution Sails coming to the US, we are offering 15% off on all new sail orders placed in the United States before the end of January. Please click here to put in a request for more information and our team will work with you to get the right sails for your boat.

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