here we are

So after far too long, here is our new design for Sailing Anarchy. More of an evolution than a revolution, it nonetheless is a much cleaner, easier to use site with better functions.  For example, when you click on a front page story, it takes you to that story’s own page,  where – and we are stoked about this – you can comment on the story immediately via Disqus. Not exactly earth shattering, we know, but it is a great way to comment quickly and directly about the article you just read, rather than having to go over to the forums. The forums exist in their own galaxy anyway!

Ever since we started this site –  20 years ago! – we have never much cared about putting up every race result from everywhere, you know like that other poseur site does?  So to address a void in content, we now have added a Sailing News feature that constantly updates news from around the world. No reason to waste time at Cut n’ Paste central.

Our research has indicated that 30% of you view SA via mobile, with that number rapidly increasing.  As such, we have made that experience significantly better.

Our classifieds are much easier to use and to search, so hopefully that helps make the user experience better there as well. Bear with us as we update all the listings… We have ditched the free classifieds as we got spammed by a never ending stream of Nigerian Love Spell Doctors, and we have raised the price of ads by $25, the first price increase in 15 years.

This is just the first phase of the new design. You will be glad to know that part of phase 2 includes the reopening of the famous Sailing Anarchy Store! New gear, new designs (but yes,the god damn hillbilly hats will be available). And given what a horrible job we did fulfilling orders, we are going to have Amazon fulfill all orders going forward. Look for the store by mid year.

So that’s it. Let’s see your comments by clicking the Leave a Reply button at the bottom of this page.