he’s the captain now!

Just as maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 goes code orange for her crack at the Trophy Jules Verne, the Peterson 34 s/v QUIVER is also beginning her own sailing circumnavigation, though at a much more leisurely pace and with far more stops. Years past my earliest sailing exploits, many of which were written about extensively on SA, i’m back with a new boat and an entirely new adventure.

After three years of living in Honolulu, i’ve just finished a multimedia degree from Hawaii Pacific University and am now shoving off on a planned 3-year westabout surf-focused circumnavigation via Cape Horn. She’s not yet the prettiest girl in the bar cosmetically, but QUIVER is a weapon offshore. With a big rig and keel, deep new rudder, tiller-steering, extensive re-fit and thorough sail and gear inventory, the late-70’s Doug Peterson-designed racer/cruiser has proven herself to be a good, stout, somewhat affordable platform for me.

With a couple thousand miles around Hawaii in the last two years and over 370 since university graduation last month, QUIVER has been well travelled and now stands ready to begin the first major leg of this circumnavigation; sailing 1,915 miles to the Marshall Islands. I’ve been hearing some rumors or really good surf there, and i’m keen to go check it out. Plus, it’s right on the VMG route to begin circumnavigating from Hawaii.

Weather looks light and lumpy getting out of the islands and then a long trade wind downwinder to the Marshalls.

Aloha, Ronnie Simpson


Instagram: svquiver