strongly worded

Rushcutters Bay Times, Friday 11th Jan 2019.

The Skipper of this years Sydney to Hobart Line Honers winner, Mark Richards has just released the following Statement-

In response to fucking intense fucking speculation and fucking misinformation on the fucking Sailing Anarchy fucking website, I on behalf of the owners and connections of Wild Oats XI, wish to fucking well address the fucking issue of our fucking AIS fucking transmissions during last years fucking Hobart fucking race. Shortly before the fucking start, the fucking helicopter was fucking hovering just above our fucking masthead, making it fucking hard for the fucking crew to fucking hear my calm fucking instructions and playing fucking havoc with my fucking hair. One of the fucking roter blades fucking hit our fucking aerial and obviously fucked it.

The fucking thing was fucking split right down the fucking middle, resulting in it only fucking receiving, not fucking transmitting. As we fucking approached the fucking finish fucking line, one of those fucking great big fucking Tasmanian seagulls fucking shat on the fucking thing and that glued it back into one piece, and the fucking thing started working again.

The fucking AIS was switched to fucking transmit but it is fucking clear that for much of the race the fucking fucker was fucked. We fucking resent the fucking allegations that we fucking cheated and we are demanding a fucking apology from fucking Yachting Australia, the fucking CYCA, Fucking Squwark and all the other fucking competitors, the fucking helicopter pilot, the fucking Australian Cricket fucking team, NSW fucking waterways, the Fucking state Premier, the entire fucking federal Government, Sydney fucking ferries, every fucking Palm beach owner, Jimmy fucking Spithill, fucking Jack Sparrow, Paps 49, 50 and 51 and that fucking cunt Mid.

Thank you all for your interest and support of this wonderful event. Parody, courtesy our Sailing Anarchy forums