it’s a drug. a good one.

Will your Yacht Club be the next to jump on the Radio Control craze sweeping the nation? Will your Yacht Club be hosting the next big charity regatta this coming year, but don’t know how to do it when all the racing is a mile off shore and can’t be seen by spectators? Do you have a Yacht Club located right on the water with a clear spectating view of an untapped racing area in clear sight of the bar or restaurant? Or maybe your members that come off the water from a morning or afternoon of racing all day when their crew goes home, but your not ready to leave the clubhouse yet need something to do cause they don’t want to go home and get stuck with working around the house for the remaining daylight left in the day?……..

Well pick up a race ready RC Sailboat and get the fun going!!! It only takes one person in the club to get the ball rolling and watch the fleet build. I guarantee you that when one boat starts sailing, someone will walk up and ask to try it and next thing you know you have two boats next weekend. Then two more after that and two more after that. I think they call that the snowball effect and it’s happening all over the country with many Yacht Clubs. And the next thing you know your Club is hosting a NOOD Charity Regatta and the local Yacht Club fleet of RC boats is the largest One-Design Fleet in the regatta and spectated by 100’s off the Yacht Club’s decks and docks. Don’t believe me, ask the Chicago Yacht Club when hosting the 2018 Nood Regatta……

Now you ask where does this all start….the AMERICAN MODEL YACHTING ASSOCIATION (AMYA) is the National Governing Body of Radio Control Sailing for the country and any and all questions can be answered from the website. Some of the biggest AMYA’s Classes are being sailed and raced at Yacht Clubs are DragonForce65, DragonFlite95, RC Laser, and CR-914. All these Classes are sold as kits with Class Association’s to handle registrations and sail #’s within the AMYA’s associations and watchful eye of the Class Secretaries. Rules are simple for racing…..the same as your used to by utilizing the exact same Racing Rules of Sailing or simply called the RRS Rule Book!

So if you’re serious about racing and/or just day sailing, and still want to enjoys the thrill of sailing, but don’t want to get wet. Come check us out at the AMYA and be part of the fastest growing sailing past time after your boat is in the slip or on it’s trailer and your not ready to go home yet. Or the mind is still saying yes but the body is saying something else……..The AMYA is here for you!!!! Put a transmitter in your hands and you will be hooked. Contact us and we’ll help get you started.

– Anarchist Ray