more ws bs

World Sailing and sailors seem to be two different things. Since a few months if not longer a great number of sailors have by various means and ways expressed their concerns about the way WS’s business in conducted. In particular the last Mid Year meeting in Sarasota is considered to be dubious. People that obviously have made their mark in our sport have expressed their concern if not discontent. Of course do I as an old Finn sailor feel sorry to see the Finn go.

On the other hand I have sailed Starboats for +30 years as well. Development has to be, change is inevitable in case you want to survive. But WS apparently doesn’t seem to want to listen or even to observe other sports. How many changes are made in Athletics, without any doubt the pinnacle of Olympic Sports? The same goes for Rowing. do they consider Mixed Events; half women, half men in an 8? Nobody even thinks about it.

An open letter from Gerardo Seeliger is reacted upon by the addressee; Kim Andersen. The reply consist of denial upon denial and even indication of which class is to blame for all these ‘unjustified’ rumors. Had the Chairman of WS listened – and acted to the obvious unrest created by as an example a ‘Mixed one Person Dinghy Event’ and belated WS’s own submissions about a ‘Double-handed mixed Offshore Event’ he would not simply deny every single one of Gerardo’s suggestions or advise.

Kim, you may be right, but do ,in this case, sailors acknowledge that you are right? Consequent denial without any support but repetition of your own viewpoint or presumption in support doesn’t help. Should WS not reconsider or at least communicate a lot better?

Signed by a very concerned Olympic sailor and sailing executive Albert Ekels (the Netherlands)