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Big Pimpin’

As one of the most prolific mast builders in the world, Hall Spars knows a thing or two about building with carbon fibre – which is why they are able to offer their customers a serious step up when it comes to composite battens. Hall Composite Battens – or HCB – now produces the complete range of battens, from full-length mainsail battens for a 200-footer down to jib flutter battens for a 40-footer. These battens are game-changers, not just because of the way they perform. Readily available in major sailing hubs around the world, they’re easy to get regardless of where your boat is.

There are three main types of these latest battens, which are all produced slightly differently and have different uses.

Compression battens
On the market for about four years, these are already in use aboard PAC52s, a Super Series TP52, some 80ft Oysters, a Swan 112 and a bunch of 60ft+ performance catamarans around the world – to name just a few. Read on.

Title inspiration thanks to the Original Spuds.