Jolly clever those Rolex wearers down at the Hobart and Sydney.

That upstart Jack Black trying to get the Committee to do its dirty work when he could jolly well have lodged a protest himself – what was he thinking!

Imagine the backlash!

Golden family of all things yotting on the Aussie coast and doing special deals on Rolex Island and all for the Sydney set – Wouldn’t mind a nice villa above the beach myself if one ever came up. Was a time I’d opt for a view across the marina but at my stage its a tad depressing with all those mega yachts dwarfing uncle’s Solent 30’ (best yacht of her day you know – would have gone for the 35’ but not one to incite envy and all, know what I mean!) and a view of the youngsters frolicking in the shallows does one a world of good when the blood doesn’t flow as it once did. Ay? Know what I mean? Wild oats an all!

Oh yes, where was I?

But jolly clever to reference it was a competitor who told them the AIS wasn’t working. Of course they knew it full well for themselves but by quoting a competitor they made the protest invalid. Quite a laugh that was at Sherries on the Terrace – got them off the hook nicely.

As if a glorified dory from Queensland would be accepted as winner of the ‘bart! Preposterous. I’m not sure SHE even agreed to the name.

Ah but fond memories, the antipodes- frisbeed a humpback back in the days.

Sir Walter Bard-Arse III

Magazine Editor Royal Mega Club and Sailing. (Rtd).