the rigger’s wife

Let’s get two things squared away right now. Yes, I really am a rigger’s wife, and yes, I really do my own splicing. It all began in a seaside tavern in Marblehead, beloved and frequented by sailors world wide. There I saw the Rigger talking with friends and went over to say hello. The rest is, as they say, history.

The Rigger has been sailing his entire life and the day I walked into that tavern he was captaining an old wooden 12-meter racing yacht that hailed from Marblehead. To say I was new to sailing would be an understatement. I qualified more as “deck jewelry,” competent only to sit on the rail of this beautiful sloop and try not to get in the way. Somehow I managed not to fall overboard during my first sail and over the years, as we sailed the racecourses of New England and delivered the boat to and fro, I became a sailor.

After we were married the Rigger began splicing leashes for our dogs using shackles salvaged from old halyards and cutoff scraps from the spar loft.  I loved those leashes and felt confident others would too. A few years ago the Rigger taught me to splice and The Rigger’s Wife was launched.

While I have remained true to the splicing techniques the Rigger learned from his mentors, I’ve also added my own touches, using shiny new stainless steel marine hardware, incorporating brightly colored double braid line, offering fun contrasting colors of thread to whip the splices in place and putting a Turk’s Head knot up near the handle of each leash.

The Rigger’s Wife leashes and collars continue to pay homage to the rich Marblehead maritime heritage that has been passed down to me from the most respected riggers; I’ve just added a bit of whimsy and flair.  I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them for you. Click here and take a look around!