did they or didn’t they?

So much rhetoric on both sides. The fanboys with one set of venomous posts and the haters likewise with opposing views.

An incident or issue such as this boils down to a few simple questions. Was there a requirement in the Sailing Instructions?

Did the competitor comply with said requirement in the sailing instructions?

(Unfortunately there is no condition in the sailing instructions that makes any differential between deliberately not complying and not complying by accident.)

Upon discovering they did not comply with the rules of the event the Racing Rules of Sailing are quite clear that an offender should comply with the ‘Basic Principles’ of said RRS. I am not saying there is an offender, just what such an offender should do. (If you don’t know what the ‘Basic Principles” say I suggest you read them.)

Did they declare that they did comply with all the rules of the event while believing that was the case? If so, no problem.

If they declared while knowing that, in fact, they didn’t comply then a different rule comes into play. That different rule does not need any input from any competitor.

Evidence apart, whether the competitor knows or doesn’t know that they didn’t comply with the sailing instructions and therefore signed an incorrect declaration knowingly or unknowingly is surely on the conscience of the competitor, if indeed there is anything to have on their conscience.

Personally, I would not like to be reminded each time I looked at my watch that I had won it while not complying with all the rules of the event, if that was indeed the case. – SS