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Newport Beach yacht club describes “hostile takeover” by former partner and kicks off legal battle to cease illegal suspension of facility uses and asset seizure.

After several disagreements between American Legion Yacht Club (ALYC) and American Legion Post 291 in Newport Harbor erupted, the boating organization has decided to press charges. Before the dispute began, ALYC and Post 291 had formed a partnership for 52 years.

ALYC currently does not have a home due to a suspension ordered by Post 291, which has stripped the club of using any of Post 291’s facilities until further notice or ALYC complies with new bylaws. Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club allowed ALYC to use their facilities for a general meeting on Oct. 11. Members were brought up to date on the ongoing dispute with Post 291 at this time.

In a newsletter release by ALYC on Oct. 22, it states: “After the briefing many members took the opportunity to ask questions and express opinions. One of the resolution options presented was to engage an attorney to pursue legal action against the Post. This option appealed to most of the members, and after further discussion, a Flag Member made a motion to hire an attorney as soon as possible, which was seconded, and the vote was nearly unanimous, with only two members voting against the motion.” From The Log. Read on.