audit? we don’t need no stinking audit

Ha ha – when I went looking for the ‘auditor’s report’ that I was told World Sailing has just sent to the MNA’s I found nothing about said report on the website, so much for transparency. But that is not what made me chuckle.

When you click on ‘Technical’ the link comes up as this. I couldn’t help but be amused that while telling the world they are no longer ISAF their technical site is still headed as such. I know, strange sense of humour.

So I wonder what the ‘audit’ was all about? (It was due to go out Wednesday) Is it the budget and financial situation of ISAF (well I was on the technical site) Is it the voting in the Finn Vs Offshore run off? Or something else? A search of the News section of the website produced nothing. Back to the World Sailing Homepage and again nothing. Mmm!

One of the possibilities is the voting for the final slot in the Olympic Games which seems to take up and inordinate amount of World Sailing’s time compared to the percentage of sailors that actually compete in those classes.

A list of how delegates voted was challenged by some of those delegates who claimed they didn’t vote the way the list shows

Much of the commentary appears to be the merits of the two options but I actually think the focus should be further back down the road.

A sail is, according to dictionaries both online and traditional, something that propels a boat, ship or vessel. Some go on to describe it as attached to a spar or wire. Some even state that a kite is not included in such a definition.

Checking other entries define a ship, boat or vessel as something that floats.

Almost exclusively, kiteboards do not float unless they are moving so my reasoning would tell me that kiteboarding is NOT sailing. Of course huge numbers of sailors may disagree (are there huge numbers of kiteboarders?)

So it is World “Sailing” dragging in kiteboarding into World Sailing and then into the Olympics that has cost the Finn its place in the Olympic Games NOT Offshore sailing, at least that’s how it appears.

Maybe I’m wrong – been that before, just stirring the pot

The other element with the decision that is most unsatisfactory for a large (and large being the operative word) number of sailors is that there is now no class suitable to access the opportunity to be an Olympian. Literally no class suitable for sailors over 85kg.

But what does 85kg look like? Well when I look in the mirror I can see that, and there are a large number of sailors around me that tip the scales are rather more than that figure and no matter what their ambition would have little opportunity to enter the Olympic sailing arena going forward.

For my own part of course it wouldn’t just be the weight but also the lack of skill level, fitness, too many years on the clock etc etc, but you get my meaning.

I’m not saying  that current President, Kim Anderson should receive all the ‘slings and arrows of his outrageous fortune’ (sorry Shakespeare) as he inherited the situation at World Sailing, and having heard him speak, he is aware of the challenges our governing body faces. Just like a supertanker, it will take some turning around if grass roots sailors are not to become more disenchanted with the way our sport appears to be governed.

Oh, and by the way, a vote is due Friday (tomorrow) to “approve the Sarasota offshore decision” lets hope the voting system works properly this time and that sufficient numbers of MNAs will see that the “Sarasota decision” if due to cost alone, makes Olympic sailing more exclusive rather than inclusive if due to cost of equipment if nothing else and I don’t think the IOC would like that.