world mind fuck

In the never ending saga that is illusion by World $ailing, the “audit” of the vote on the doublehanded offshore boat for the 2024 Olympics has now been circulated, and the Council will vote on Friday to accept or reject the minutes of the recent AGM in Sarasota on Friday.

As predicted, World $ailing hired an outside auditor, who fundamentally whitewashed the vote in favor of World $ailing.  The firm, haysmacintyre, can’t really be faulted though, as the firm that ran the meeting, an outfit called PSAV, doesn’t keep the voting data from the devices they supplied for the meeting due to personal privacy laws.

So, in essence, all haysmacintyre did was to affirm the vote totals that World $ailing had.  They performed an audit without the raw data from the devices from where the votes were cast.  Below is what haysmacintyre had to say as a safe harbor provision:

However, as haysmacintyre were not present at the Conference and do not have records directly from the audio-visual company PSAV, our assurance will have to be limited to this for our report.

  1. Limitations of our findings

Our findings are limited as follows:

  • Haysmacintyre were not present at the World Sailing Conference
  • The audio-visual company PSAV do not hold back-up data so we did not obtain the voting data directly from them as a third party. To help address this risk, we have contacted the individuals involved and obtained written confirmation concluding that the data is clean.

    But let’s back up for a minute and ask some fundamental questions.  Why on earth is a little, tiny sports federation hiring a very large event management company to run what is a small gathering of sailors?  World $ailing really needed to spend how many tens of thousands of dollars to hire an outside firm to run a small meeting?

    For an organization that has been bleeding money, it is utterly absurd that World $ailing hires an outside company to run their meetings, especially with their large and well paid staff in London who you would think could organize a simple AGM.   But maybe it’s not about the meeting, and maybe instead it’s about the message. You can read about PSAV’s mindfuck services here .  Yes, World $ailing has such a bad idea they need help in brainwashing the members of Council to vote their way.  So members of the World $ailing Council, when you vote on Friday just know that World $ailing President Kim Anderson hired a company to get into your head because his idea is not strong enough for him to make the case without professional assistance.  Read that ‘professional service’ here.

    Clearly, there is some agenda going inside World $ailing that has really not been told to the members of Council, and certainly not to the rest of the global sailing community.  Why the last minute submission to get a doublehanded offshore boat in the Olympics in the first place? Why were four votes from distinguished members of Council recorded incorrectly and an incomplete audit being allowed to serve as the basis for vote to accept the minutes of the AGM?

    The timing of this Council meeting is also highly suspect.  The world is trying to get their personal lives organized for the holiday season, and on the last Friday of the work year, World $ailing has to ask members of Council to stop what they are doing and vote to ratify the minutes of the AGM.  This couldn’t wait until the second week in January? Again, what’s the rush?

    One wonders what the Finn Class has to say about all this, and what, if anything, they will do in the future to overturn this decision. One thing you can be certain of though, the World $ailing Board and staff have no shame and will march forward to their own agenda, no matter the consequences to the sport. Council, be mindful, or be fucked. Your choice.

    Peter Huston