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Big Pimpin’


Hi, my name is Antonia Undurraga, founder of Cape Horn, located on the Patagonia, South America. As many of you know, we create beautifully handcrafted leather products that contain a piece of sail that have traveled in the southern-most-tip waters of the world.


Today, I just want to say Thanks! This year, with the contribution of the Sailing Anarchy Team, helping us to spread out to the world what we do, I am happy to say that we are more than 5,000 sailing people using our products around the world. Something that makes me really happy, are all the messages that I received every day to keep on pushing this family business.


For this christmas, I would like to share with you what people think about us. If you haven’t seen our 2018 Beautiful Handcrafted Patagonia Collection, just click here and visit our store.


“I’m so happy with everything. They are a beautiful product. You should be extremely proud of what you are doing! Thank you so much again for taking the time to arrange the Cape Horn products to be sent to Australia. I can’t thank you enough.” Dave Stewart / Sept. 3, 2018


“I bought a wallet as a gift for my husband. He liked it, as did the other men in my family (father & son). They liked it so much they each bought one themselves! We love the hint of sail cloth.” Nancy Davidson / Amazon/January 5, 2018


I bought this as a Christmas gift for my son who sails and is in a yacht design school in Maine. I know he will love it, and I can not wait to give it to him. It is so unique and very well made.
Nick D./ Amazon/ December 20, 2017


Received everything and absolutely happy with all the products! Aart Jan Klok/ Sail Specials/ Nov. 16, 2018


This wallet is super thin for your front pocket. I have not owned a wallet for more than 30 years. I purchased this wallet after seeing it on SA. As advertised, this wallet is super thin for your front pocket. The leather is very soft. The tan leather has 6 pockets for drivers license, debit card, credit card, etc.


I have not missed the traditional bill-fold this wallet features and now I have $5-$10-$20’s in my wallet. The fact that the wallet uses pieces of sails that have gone around Patagonia adds to the value. For a 100% leather wallet with Carbon/Kevlar sail material offered at this price-point is ridiculously good. Check it out! Amazon Customer/ October 10, 2017


Thanks and good winds,