mystery achievement

As hard as it is to believe, we actually agree with something Paul Cayard said. That doesn’t mean that we are suddenly buddies, but on the issue of “Offshore Sailing” in the Olympics, he’s spot on. This from the Star Sailors League press conference:

Asked by journalist Michele Tognozzi from the Italian news outlet Farevela about the World Sailing’s recent decisions regarding the Finn and offshore, here is what Paul Cayard had to say.

“Offshore sailing in the Olympics is a little hard to understand.”

“They kicked the Star out because it was too expensive and too heavy and logistically hard to move around. And now they put a 30 foot 5 ton kilo boat in the Olympics. So they can drift around behind Catalina Island [a likely location of offshore sailing in 2028] in the middle of the night.

“I hope they understand how little wind there is in Southern California at night time.”

« But with the Finn out, it’s just like with the Star. A lot of great sailors in our sport came through the Finn or the Star. So it’s hard for us to accept that now. Because it’s what we know. The names we know came from those classes.”

“So they are taking a lot on. I think that World Sailing got a huge responsibility in those moves.”

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