i would sail 500 miles


So I’m Yassine Darkaoui, from Morocco, living in Phuket since a bit more than 7 years. 4 years ago I sailed 77 hours (total of 212 Miles, very low wind) without assistance in the Andaman sea (Thailand) starting from Phuket and now I am training for another journey, sailing 500 miles with a Laser in the gulf of thailand. I use as benchmark the distance sailed by Christian Kargl (Austria) in 2016.


My journey is a triangle followed by a loop see the attached picture for more details. The route can be modified according to wind behavior. My boat is in Hua Hin city (200 km from bkk). it has to be done before February, before the wind switches to the east, so I am running against the time to get more sponsors and move to Hua Hin for the second step of my preparation.



For the crossing I will have for food nuts (a paste I make with 4 different kind of nuts), I will take a manual desalinator to be able to drink sea water and I will have dry leafs powder and roots, stuff I can find in Thailand, I will also have a fishing hook and a line.


For sailing I will have a trackerĀ  and a GPS and a compass. I expect to spend 5 or 6 days and I know that pain and skin burst plus hallucinations are waiting for me! My training consists of fitness, swimming, meditation, everything I think will help me. I am challenging myself because I love it, there is something in long distance sailing with dinghies that I love. In a dinghy you feel every single change. I like that feeling of being one with the boat. Well, its not always fun, long very long hours hiking and distances look huge.


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