We’re pretty sure Lisa Blair get’s this award for a hell of a lot more than this week as she circumnavigates the globe. Very Impressive. here is a bit from her blog…


As it was still very windy with gusts up to 40 knots I didn’t want to gybe the boat in the swell as it would be hard not to have the boom come over by accident while I was winching the mainsail in and with that much wind I was likely to break something so I decided to try a safer option and do what we call a granny tack.


This is when I am sailing downwind but instead of gybing a go the other way and swing almost a full 360 as I come up to the wind, tack and then bare away on the other side until I finish in the position I would have been in if I gybed.


Gybing is the most dangerous sailing manoeuvre you can do as the wind is behind you and gets a lot of leverage on the mainsail throwing it violently so a granny tack is a safe option in high winds however for me it went so horribly wrong that I really wish I had just stuck with gybing.


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