ho ho, ho

We’ve been nudging our friends over at Off Center Harbor to give Anarchists a special deal on memberships to their website (that includes a free hat!). Well, they just came through with a special holiday deal for you Anarchists that’s way better than we’d hoped.


The filmmakers at Off Center Harbor produce a different level of boat video — they’re more like professional short films, with topics that weave back and forth between deeply inspiring human stories and one-on-one instruction. More often than not, the person on the screen is a sailor or craftsman who has several decades of experience in what they’re teaching. It’s old-school stuff, focused on skills and boat designs that have stood the test of time.


We’ve wanted Anarchists to get the chance to see all 500+ films that Off Center Harbor has produced, but getting full access usually requires a $39 annual membership. When we asked the founders for a special deal for Sailing Anarchists, they responded with a deal that’s much sweeter than we imagined — just $25 for the first year. You can CLICK HERE to get access to everything on the site at a huge discount. Hard to beat that. Thanks Off Center Harbor founders!