supa fly

Local Knowledge

Huge props to my brothers Steve Mollering and Erik Rogers for their ass whipping of Class 2 at the CRA End of Year regatta¬†this past Saturday. We had their Cheetah 30 Supafly, a Melges 32, three FT 10’s, and a Farr 30 for two buoy races in SD Bay in 7-10 true. Small class but a good one.

That fucking boat was very, very quick, they sailed well, and bullet-ed both races for a very nice and convincing class win. The A4 grabbed a second in the first race and then the dumbshit owner was over early at the start of race #2, and in a 5.8 mile race in good breeze and flat water, there wasn’t much coming back from that.

These guys have been racing the Cheetah for years here in Dago, and they have mostly struggled in the shitty light air here. But when the breeze is up, and the water flat, they f-ing haul the mail. Props! – ed. Extra title inspiration here.