An interesting letter to World Sailing from the Argentinean Federation of Yachting regarding the horseshit methodology regarding the Finn’s status in the Olympics that we intercepted…

Sirs. Members of the Board,

The undersigned are deeply troubled by the recent note sent by the CEO of World Sailing. We kindly request you to inform us what is in the CEO’s note is the opinion of all of the members of the Board and as such, the intention is to make the Council irrelevant and eventually cease to exist, or, if that is not the intention, then we would request that the Board proceed according to
our regulations and respect our structure and the accepted norms of behavior and procedure of any democratic institution.

According to the information received, the counselors Peter Hall, Zvi Zlvlat and Georgy Wossala would have voted against the approval of proposal 37/18 which the members of the
Board had unanimously endorsed. Nobody doubts that these three counselors say the truth when they affirm that they intended to vote to reject. Their positions were publicly known to everyone in attendance at the meeting, and it is not acceptable to hide the problem by insinuating a silly mistake for the most important vote of our meeting in Sarasota.

The truth is that, computing the votes correctly, proposal 37/18 could never have been considered by the Assembly, and according to our regulations, it would have been rejected. Then
the failure is not inconsequential, it results in a serious damage to the organization, including its credibility and reputation.

The solution proposed in the letter sent by Sr. Andy Hunt is absolutely inadequate, and generates a clear conflict of interest.

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