zeroing in

For most of us, ORC is not relate-able to OD boats or Joe Six Pack PHRF sailors. The most common thing that we hear is “How does to compare to PHRF, or how do I get a rating and can I get a one design rating?” And as we all know, your PHRF rating is determined by a bunch of self-interested clowns taking wild shots in the dark.

Interesting to note here that instead of bullshit, actual data is used to help determine a rating. The same applies to ORR, which is yet another rule that, while seemingly good, further complicates handicap racing!

ORC has just announced they are issuing OD certs, providing that In these certificates all data affecting a boat’s rating are standardized based on the set of measurements for classes having One Design class rules or having all the measurements in close tolerances. For these certificates no measurements are needed provided that there is proof supplied to the rating office that the boat is complying with its One Design Class measurements.

Check it out.