star fucker

I’ve never been much for watching Stars race. Just seemed to be kinda boring, no kites, long (slow) legs. Just kinda, ‘eh’. Then today I decided to spend some time watching day 2 of the Star Sailors League¬†and I found myself not only watching it, but even pausing it for phone calls and pee breaks. WTF?

Well as it turns out, it was fucking compelling racing! Full of World Champs, Olympic medalists, the talent was legit, the courses were well manged, and the coverage was just outstanding. Utilizing a number of camera views and well placed graphics, you knew where everyone was at all times.

And what was really cool is that you could tell who was fast and who wasn’t. As a side note, the announcers mentioned twice that Paul Cayard said he was going to win this event. Um, no he’s not. Mired mid pack most all day, he is in 13th right now, but we do know that shit can happen. Be fun to see if he can consistently stay at the pointy end of the fleet.

I am sure I sound retarded in just recently “discovering” this event, but damn, I know how I am spending tomorrow AM!

Title inspiration thanks to The Stones.