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Big Pimpin’

After 4 successful years, this is the best program that no one knows about.

These guys are hooting and hollering about their program from the highest mast for anyone and everyone to hear. And to be frank, why shouldn’t they? What these guys are doing at the National One Design Sailing Academy is awesome!

1D Sailing has been taking their immaculate fleet of one-design Flying Tiger 7.5m sportboats, support boats, race committee and their entire team from one corner of North America to the other in order to take part in some of North America’s top regattas and provide access to anyone else who wants to join in! In essence, they’re making one-design high-performance racing more accessible for everyone.

Oh, and they’re doing it big!

These guys built 50 foot custom trailers to move the one-design fleet around in a week. 3Di mains and new sail inventory to push these boats fast and hard. They joined with Bill Gladstone to provide advanced racing clinics and top-tier, professional onboard coaching in conjunction with these regattas.  Hell, Mike Marshall even came to do all their measuring!

For those who don’t want to tow their boat 2,000 miles and go through the hassle, this is the perfect solution.  You can leave the heavy lifting to the 1D Sailing guys. If you want to know the whole story about these group of guys (and gals) who eat, sleep and breathe sportboat sailing and their kick-ass program, click this link right here.

To fly in for hassle-free one-design racing and NorthU clinics at Bacardi Cup, Charleston Race Week and St. Petersburg NOO, call em’ up (1-800-825-8719) or drop ’em an e-mail and book your spot now!