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Big Pimpin’

Based in Marblehead, Massachu-setts, Great Circle Sails could just be the greatest sailmaker you’ve never heard of

Technology has had a big impact on the sailmaking industry with huge gains in materials, optimization and efficiency. Those efficiency gains extend to the buying process where Brian Hancock, the founder of Great Circle Sails, believes that yacht owners the world over can benefit.

‘Sailmaking has changed a lot over the last two decades, not only in the technology that has brought hi-tech molded sails made from space-age fibres, but in the way sailmakers are doing business,’ says Hancock. ‘Much of the manufacturing has been centralized with large “factories” producing the product and traditional sail lofts becoming more about sales and repair than sailmaking.’

Hancock served his apprenticeship and learned the craft as a hands-on roll- the-fabric-out-and-draw-the curves- on-with-a-pencil sailmaker at one of South Africa’s foremost lofts.

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