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new cup: now, with wings!

We fully admit to having jumped off the fashion train somewhere between the Beastie Boys and Transworld Skateboarding, but we cannot understand why anyone would replace the hallowed Louis Vuitton Cup with something that looks for all the world like a sanitary napkin complete with red coloring on the inside.

We love the fantasy that the new Prada Cup’s designer was standing at his or her drawing desk, thinking, “How can I fuck with the richest men in the world in a way they will never know?”  Or maybe a female designer mused, “How can I inject a little femininity into this ultra-rich version of a classic dick slinging contest?”

In any event, it looks like there will be no shortage of entrants for the 2020 spectacle in Kiwilandia after Grant Dalton’s team announced they’d received an additional 8 conditional challenges just before the Late Entry Deadline this past Friday.  That means the ‘Big Four” (ETNZ, Luna (bloody) Rossa, Fracking Ben Ainslie, and American Rainbow Unicorns may be joined by at least one more team (without screwing up the Viaduct docking plan), but there may be as many as 4-5 serious challenges still out there.  Already one of those ‘8 is enough- challenges has been outed as coming from Simeon Tienpont with a Dutch effort, and multiple sources have confirmed Chinese interest as well. We’d expect at least one other US entry as well as an Italian one.  What we don’t know is just what the ‘conditions’ are for entry and whether any will actually find the money and be confirmed with a complete application.

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