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If you have, or know of anyone who has, a Coronado 15 (C-15), which has not seen the water in a while and/or may be taking up too much space in your garage, our newly formed Sea Scout Ship 3500, “Rock of Ages”, needs them!

Our Adult Leaders, having grown up from Long Beach to San Diego, learned to sail following the SoCal model of the day: Naples Sabots, to Lasers, to C-15s and other centerboard boats, and then on to keelboats.  Since the Sea Scouts, a division of the Boy Scouts of America (co-ed since 1972), starts at age 14, we are bypassing the early, 1-person boats and going straight to the C-15, a non-spin, 2-person, fun trapeze boat.  We have found six (6) in the greater Phoenix area and are looking to get to 6 – 10 more in the very near future. On July 1st of this year, we launched our Ship with seven (7) Scouts, and we are now at twenty-four (24).  Our 2019-year’s end target is to have 50+ active, year-round Scouts, and in order to accomplish this, we need more boats, specifically, C-15s.

Why so many boats?  Without knowing it at first, but now very clear to our group, we are duplicating our SoCal childhood sailing, and the C-15s is where our Scouts will start.  From the C-15s, our Scouts will grow into the one-design and PHRF fleets we have waiting for them. As of today, we have eight (8) Etchells (old keel), four (4) J-24s, two (2) Stars, four (4) Nacras, one (1) Olson 30, one (1) Andrews 26, one (1) Flying Tiger 7.5, and one (1) Flying Tiger 10.  We are looking to take the E22s to ten (10) and to fleet the J-24s and Stars within the next year. In order to get the Scouts up to these fleets with the knowledge they will need, we need to get them out on the water, on their own, as quickly as possible, thus, we need more C-15s.

Once we get the Scouts and the C-15s up and sailing, our goal is to reach out to other Sea Scouts Ships and host regattas; all the boats are here, and all the boats are already rigged, it will be a grand time.  In addition, we have already had offers from E22, J-24, and Star sailors alike, stating that they would be thrilled to come present at clinics for the Scouts and then provide on the water coaching later in the day, especially if we could time their visits with a Spring Training game, which of course we can and will.  Overall, the response and support we have received so far has been phenomenal, but in order to get it churning, we need to locate more C-15s. Any and all help any of you can be, we would greatly appreciate it. Donation or sale, it does not matter, please contact the Ship at [email protected].

An enormous thanks to Scot for making this posting happen.  He understands exactly what we are trying to do, and his support is energizing. – Anarchist John Riddell.